Mark Elliott

Mark is a Senior Curator at MAA, looking after collections from Africa, Asia, and Europe, and the Principal Investigator on the Digital Lab.

Jimena Lobo Guerrero Arenas

Jimena is the Senior Curator in World Archaeology at MAA and Co-chair of the Digital Lab's Steering Committee.

Zilan Wang

Zilan is a Research Associate at MAA, director of the Cambridge Rivers Project, and Co-chair of the Digital Lab's Steering Committee.

Aayushi Gupta

Aayushi is a Research Assistant, coordinating content development and contributing research on the Asian collections at MAA.

Rebecca Rees

Rebecca is a Digital Communications Assistant at MAA, and helps coordinates activities of the Digital Lab.

Caitlin Brooker

Caitlin is a Digital Marketer and Communications professional, and has worked at the MAA as a Digital Communications Officer.

Shuzhen Kong (Ellen)

Shuzhen is a Shanghai-based tea expert and commentator on tea connoisseurship on national and international platforms.

Ashleigh Griffin

Ashleigh was a Collections Assistant at MAA, who researched artefacts from East Asia, and in particular China.

James Lin

James is the Assistant Keeper of Applied Arts at the Fitzwilliam Museum, and responsible for the Asian art collection.

Michael Freeman

Michael is a photographer and author based in London specialising in documentary reportage with a focus on China.

Rui En Pok (Rae)

Rae is a second-year undergraduate in Social Anthropology at Homerton College, University of Cambridge.

Katerina Theodoraki

Katerina is a student in Conservation of Archaeological and Museum Artefacts at Durham University.

Elisa Guerra-Doce

Elisa is a Visiting Scholar at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge.

Katrina Dring

Katrina is a Collections Assistant on MAA's Stores Move Project, who loves working with anthropological collections.

Nigel Jeffries

Nigel is a Senior Specialist at the Museum of London Archaeology, interested in the material culture of 17th and 19th-century London.

Kirsty Kernohan

Kirsty is a Photographic Collections Assistant at MAA, with an interest in anthropology, museum studies, and photographic collections. 

Gemma Ovens

Gemma is a lens-based artist, researcher, and photographer, with an interest in visual anthropology and intangible cultural heritage.

Xintian Ma

Xintian is an MPhil student in Social Anthropological Research at the University of Cambridge, with an interest in museums and religion.

Lisa Robson

Lisa is a ceramic artist and PhD student at the Belfast School of Art, who recreates museums objects to enable tactile engagement.

Daniel Simpson

Daniel was a postdoctoral research assistant at MAA, and has previously worked at the British Museum and the National Maritime Museum.

Maria Chiara Scuderi

Maria is a PhD researcher at the University of Leicester with an interest in material culture and 20th century exhibitions.

Joshua Fitzgerald

Joshua is a Junior Research Fellow in History and Art History at Churchill College, University of Cambridge.

Jonathan Truitt

Jonathan is the Chair of the Center for Learning through Games and Simulations at Central Michigan University.

Adi Lewa Boginisoko

Adi is a second-year undergraduate in Law at the University of Kent, and formerly interned on the Fijian Art Research Project at MAA.

John Donegan-Cross

John is a PhD student at the University of Cambridge, exploring avian imagery in early and mediaeval Chinese poetry.

Smridhi Chadha

Smridhi is a specialist of Ancient Indian Classics and Religion, interested in the interpretations of India's distant past.

Takenivula Rakei

Takenivula is a UK-based Fijian and Tikopian meke choreographer, who formerly interned on the Fijian Art Research Project at MAA.

Alejandro Porcel Arraut

Alejandro is a PhD student at Cambridge, researching the social reproduction of public bus infrastructures in Mexico City.

Lucy Hockley

Lucy is the Museum Manager at MAA, and is interested in heritage craft skills and the use of natural materials in the built environment.

Eona Bell

Eona is an Affiliated Lecturer in Anthropology at Cambridge, conducting research on historic photographs of Singapore in MAA.

Les Andrews

Les is the Communications Manager for the Extra Mural Archaeological Society, and a volunteer at MAA.

Leah Mclaine

Leah is a finalist at Trinity College, University of Cambridge taking a joint track degree in Social Anthropology and Theology.

Anna Freed

Anna is studying the Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas MA at the Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia (2023-24).

Gerard Davis

Gerard is a professional dance writer with an interest in ballet and contemporary dance. He currently works as Shop Supervisor at MAA.

Alyssa Walton

Alyssa recently completed her MPhil in Heritage Studies, and now works as a Learning Assistant for University of Cambridge Museums.

Nick Stanley

Nick is an Honorary Research Fellow at the British Museum and Chair of the MAA Friends. He specialises in Asmat art of Papua New Guinea.

Rob Law

Rob is an artist and prehistoric pottery specialist, who helps coordinate educational sessions for schools and families at MAA.

Alisa Santikarn

Alisa is an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow in the Archaeology Department at Cambridge, where she is developing her PhD research.

Imogen Coulson

Imogen works as Project Researcher at Digital Benin, and has helped establish its conceptual and data driven processes.

Ayesha Fuentes

Ayesha is an object conservator specialising in the care and handling of archaeological and anthropological collections.

Verity Marshall

Verity is an undergraduate student in Archaeology at the University of Cambridge, who interned at MAA during the summer of 2023. 

Rhea Tuli Partridge

Rhea is a PhD candidate at the Cambridge Heritage Research Centre, University of Cambridge, researching the Clive Collection.

Guey-Mei Hsu

Guey-Mei is a Collections Assistant for Anthropology at MAA, interested in the history of colonialism in East Asia.

Emma Brownlee

Emma is a research fellow at Girton College, University of Cambridge, researching burial practices in the early Middle Ages.

Devi Chakrabarti

Devi is a final year PhD student in Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge, exploring heritage conservation in Nepal.

Eleanor Wilkinson

Eleanor is the Collections Manager in Archaeology at MAA, interested in the collecting of ancient Egyptian material in the modern period.

Eleanor Foster

Eleanor is a PhD student in Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge and Research Assistant at MAA.

Sarthak Malhotra

Sarthak is a PhD student in Anthropology at Cambridge, exploring everyday life near the well-famed Taj Mahal.

Julian Escott

Julian is an MA Associate Lecturer at the Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts, a designer-maker, future technologist and artist.

Adrián Gamboa

Adrián is a Graphic Designer, founder of a visual solutions advertising agency in Mexico with almost two decades of experience.

Shreya Gupta

Shreya is a PhD student at the University of Exeter examining the history of four collections of Indian coins held in museums in Britain.

Jody Joy

Jody is the Senior Curator for European Archaeology at MAA, specialising in the archaeology of northwest Europe.

Michael Robinson

Michael studied Medieval History at the University of London and recently graduated from Cambridge University's Heritage Studies degree.

Anita Herle

Anita was a Senior Curator at MAA and is now a Senior Research Fellow. She has regional interests in Torres Strait, Vanuatu, Fiji and Canada.

Brent Kerehona Pukepuke-Ahitapu

Brent is an educator, author, historian, and a Māori cultural practitioner (kairaranga – weaver).

Céline Erauw

Céline is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Cambridge, specialising in zooarchaeology and the archaeology of the Andes.

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