MAA Digital Lab

Launched in 2022, the Digital Lab is a digital engagement project which seeks to increase the visibility and accessibility of the world cultures collections at the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Cambridge.

The project highlights collections in the Museum’s care through a range of themes such as Substances of Wellbeing and Intoxication, Object Diasporas, Making and Mending, and Digitisation.

Blog Posts

A Bag of Coca for the Afterlife

MAA looks after several objects related to coca such as funerary bags and ceramics representing people chewing coca leaves. Celine Erauw takes a closer look at one of these objects.

Celine Erauw

18 June 2024

Nga haerenga ki Kemureti (Trips to Cambridge)

In 2014, Brent's connection with Cambridge began as he followed the path of a past Māori military officer. Since then, he's initiated various projects. This is a log of his travels, experiences, and relationships.

Brent Kerehona Pukepuke-Ahitapu

11 June 2024

Q&A with MAA’s Workshop Team

MAA's Workshop team is vital in creating and maintaining impressive displays for its temporary exhibitions. Rebecca Rees interviews two team members to learn more.

Rebecca Rees

4 June 2024

Online Exhibitions

Continuity and Change in the Durbar Square at Bhaktapur, Nepal

MAA cares for a few photographs of the Durbar Square in Bhaktapur, Nepal. This exhibition juxtaposes these photographs with more recent ones, exploring patterns of continuity and change in a vulnerable and constantly evolving city.

Kui Elephant Catchers and the Pakam Rope: From Thailand to Cambridge

In March 2023, a new object came into MAA's care – a เชือกปะกำ (Pakam rope). This exhibition explores its journey, from the hands and homes of its Kui makers to the vendors from whom the rope was purchased and the case in MAA where it is now displayed.

Chinese Spirit-Medium Possession in Singapore

A new digitisation project at MAA, which digitally repatriated 2,000 ethnographic photographs of Chinese temples and ritual practices in Singapore to its national library, gives insight into the supernatural world of spirit-mediumship in the region.

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