Huff! The Dragon is Coming to Town!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when prompted 'Lunar New Year'? Guey-Mei Hsu explores some popular symbols linked to this harvest festival celebrated across East Asia.

Guey-Mei Hsu

6 February 2024

“I tried liquor and got a t-shirt!” – Keywords in the MAA catalogue

The Digital Lab recently organised a workshop, inviting MAA staff and students across Cambridge to search MAA's online catalogue for objects difficult to find. Two participants reflect on their experiences.

Mark Elliott and Aayushi Gupta

19 December 2023

Lady Clementine Spencer Churchill and Asmat Shields

In 1935, Lady Churchill donated three Asmat shields from Papua New Guinea to MAA. Nick Stanley explores their journey to the museum, their efficacy, and their relevance today.

Nick Stanley

28 November 2023

Thinking Beyond Repatriation through Digital Curation

Can museum audiences continue to engage with repatriated objects? If so, then how? Alyssa Walton offers one solution for this using the Benin Bronzes at MAA as a case study.

Alyssa Walton

21 November 2023

Learning to Play the 小鼓 (kotsuzumi) with a Noh Musician

An experience of playing two centuries-old 小鼓 (kotsuzumi), shoulder drums used in Noh, make Gerard Davis reflect on silences and music in museum collections.

Gerard Davis

7 November 2023

Student Activism and Spotlighting MAA’s First Indigenous Curator

How can student activism lead to change in museums? Anna Freed explores how an open letter to Cambridge museums led her to researching Mikel Utsi, who curated the Sámi display at MAA in 1947-8.

Anna Freed

31 October 2023

Remembering How to Wonder with the Poignant Collection

What do you see in photographs from a different era? Leah Mclaine explores the sense of wonder that she encountered while digitising the Poignant Collection, during her summer internship at MAA.

Leah Mclaine

24 October 2023

From Russia with Radioactivity: Misidentified Objects and Hazards

A series of surprises leads Katrina to improve the provenance record of a beaded necklace from Russia, and identify a new hazard in the collections at MAA: radioactive uranium glass beads.

Katrina Dring

10 October 2023

Axel and Roslyn Poignant’s Double Image of Mexico City

Axel and Roslyn Poignant's photographs of Mexico City in 1969 vividly blend modernism with raw humanity, and encapsulate a transformative moment in the city's history, as it negotiated its identity.

Alejandro Porcel Arraut

12 September 2023

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