Nga haerenga ki Kemureti (Trips to Cambridge)

In 2014, Brent's connection with Cambridge began as he followed the path of a past Māori military officer. Since then, he's initiated various projects. This is a log of his travels, experiences, and relationships.

Brent Kerehona Pukepuke-Ahitapu

11 June 2024

100-year-old Displays and Dilemmas: The Archaeology of the Museum

MAA's Stores Move team opens boxes daily, revealing historical layers like excavation labels, research notes, and old displays. Katrina Dring offers an insight into this process and its challenges.

Katrina Dring

28 May 2024

Hornell’s Coin Collection and the Numismatic Scene in Colonial India

MAA cares for a small collection of coins from India donated to the museum by James Hornell. Hornell's records don't provide clues to his interest in numismatics. Why did he acquire these coins then?

Shreya Gupta

23 April 2024

Q&A with the Education and Outreach Team at MAA

Rebecca Rees speaks with one of MAA's Education and Outreach Assistants to explore the nature of outreach work at MAA, and its significance for the museum as well as its communities.

Rebecca Rees

9 April 2024

La historia de los juegos en México, el arte y los diseños artísticos en realidad aumentada para Cambridge Encuentros Creativos

Un juego de mesa mexicano del siglo XIX en el MAA cobra vida a través del arte y las tecnologías digitales. ¡Ven a jugar en el West Hub en Cambridge, del 14 al 28 de marzo de 2024!

Joshua, Julian y Adrián

21 March 2024

Mexico’s History of Gaming, Art, and AR-tful Designs for Cambridge Creative Encounters

A nineteenth-century Mexican boardgame at MAA is brought to life through art and digital technologies. Have a play at the West Hub in Cambridge, from 14th–28th March 2024!

Joshua, Julian, and Adrián

21 March 2024

Objects as Windows into Colonial Relationships: The Bonney Collection and Pastoral Australia

Nineteenth-century pastoral properties were sites for rich and diverse social interactions where objects played a key role in station life and its cross-cultural and inter-colonial dimensions.

Eleanor Foster

19 March 2024

Huff! The Dragon is Coming to Town!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when prompted 'Lunar New Year'? Guey-Mei Hsu explores some popular symbols linked to this harvest festival celebrated across East Asia.

Guey-Mei Hsu

6 February 2024

“I tried liquor and got a t-shirt!” – Keywords in the MAA catalogue

The Digital Lab recently organised a workshop, inviting MAA staff and students across Cambridge to search MAA's online catalogue for objects difficult to find. Two participants reflect on their experiences.

Mark Elliott and Aayushi Gupta

19 December 2023

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