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This blog aims to highlight artefacts, stories, histories, and relationships from the collections at MAA. Each post begins with an object or a collection at MAA and explores wider themes including substances of wellbeing and intoxication, process of making, mending, and conservation, digitisation and more!

Explore the most recent blog posts below or use the dropdown menu to filter posts by category. For more stories on collections from across the MAA and the wider University Cambridge Museums consortium, head to the University of Cambridge Museums blog.

Getting to the Bottom of a Grave at Snailwell

Through a detailed look at the objects found in a grave at Snailwell, Jody Joy tells us about the person buried there: Who where they? What was their life like? And why were they buried in such an elaborate grave?

Jody Joy

7 May 2024

Benares or Bengal? Durga or Parvati? Paan Daan or a Trophy Necklace?

Two brass boxes at MAA with minimal information in the catalogue records raise many questions. What are they? Where are they from – Benares of Bengal? And who do they depict?

Aayushi Gupta

30 April 2024

Hornell’s Coin Collection and the Numismatic Scene in Colonial India

MAA cares for a small collection of coins from India donated to the museum by James Hornell. Hornell's records don't provide clues to his interest in numismatics. Why did he acquire these coins then?

Shreya Gupta

23 April 2024

A Tale of Tea and Shape Shifting

Badger, racoon, teapot or something in between? A story of transformations, good fortune, prosperity, and abundance connects three objects from Japan in the collections at MAA.

Mark Elliott

16 April 2024

Q&A with the Education and Outreach Team at MAA

Rebecca Rees speaks with one of MAA's Education and Outreach Assistants to explore the nature of outreach work at MAA, and its significance for the museum as well as its communities.

Rebecca Rees

9 April 2024

The Allure and Appeal of an Anglo-Saxon Cross from Trumpington

The Trumpington Cross has been endlessly reproduced on MAA's shop products including postcards, tote bags, fridge magnets, keyrings and even a ruler. But what makes it so appealing?

Gerard Davis

2 April 2024

A piece of wonder, or what four fragments of the Taj Mahal can tell us about monuments in India 

What is a piece of the Taj Mahal doing in a case with a Sumerian tablet, an Ostrich shell necklace, and an amulet from ancient Egypt? What can it tell us about monuments and conservation practices in India?

Sarthak Malhotra

26 March 2024

La historia de los juegos en México, el arte y los diseños artísticos en realidad aumentada para Cambridge Encuentros Creativos

Un juego de mesa mexicano del siglo XIX en el MAA cobra vida a través del arte y las tecnologías digitales. ¡Ven a jugar en el West Hub en Cambridge, del 14 al 28 de marzo de 2024!

Joshua, Julian y Adrián

21 March 2024

Mexico’s History of Gaming, Art, and AR-tful Designs for Cambridge Creative Encounters

A nineteenth-century Mexican boardgame at MAA is brought to life through art and digital technologies. Have a play at the West Hub in Cambridge, from 14th–28th March 2024!

Joshua, Julian, and Adrián

21 March 2024

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