Author: Takenivula Rakei

Takenivula Rakei is a Fijian and Tikopian meke performer and choreographer based in the UK. As a member of Mekeart Tribe, she has been performing for over a decade at a range of events and venues such as Twickenham and Wembley Stadium, the Royal Academy of Arts, and Westminster Abbey. She choreographed a meke called ‘Rogoci Viti’, which means ‘Listen to Fiji’ using MAA’s collection as part of her internship with Urban Pathways: Fiji. Youth. Arts. Culture. For her performance, she also won Best International Entry for Urban Pathway’s iSausauvou exhibition

My experience during the MAA collections internship

Amidst discussions of dream opportunities, an unexpected collections internship emerged, leading this UK-based Fijian intern to researching and choreographing meke, a traditional dance.

Takenivula Rakei

5 September 2023

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