Author: Katrina Dring

Katrina Dring is a Collections Assistant on MAA’s Stores Move Project. She loves working with anthropological collections with a particular eye for materials, techniques, making and repairing. Outside of work she enjoys learning various craft processes; and then feeding this experiential knowledge back into her work!

100-year-old Displays and Dilemmas: The Archaeology of the Museum

MAA's Stores Move team opens boxes daily, revealing historical layers like excavation labels, research notes, and old displays. Katrina Dring offers an insight into this process and its challenges.

Katrina Dring

28 May 2024

From Russia with Radioactivity: Misidentified Objects and Hazards

A series of surprises leads Katrina to improve the provenance record of a beaded necklace from Russia, and identify a new hazard in the collections at MAA: radioactive uranium glass beads.

Katrina Dring

10 October 2023

Broken objects whisper their secrets. Are you listening?

What value do broken objects hold? Are they doomed to spend the rest of their days in boxes being ignored? How can we instead use them to enhance our understanding of those objects?

Katrina Dring

6 June 2023

A Creative Practitioner’s Insight into Sámi Coffee and Salt Bags

Drawing on her own experience of making a fish-skin leather purse, Collections Assistant Katrina Dring provides an insight into the making of similar Sámi leather bags in the MAA collections.

Katrina Dring

18 April 2023

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