Author: Alisa Santikarn and Imogen Coulson

Alisa Santikarn is an ESRC Postdoctoral Fellow in the Archaeology Department (Cambridge Heritage Research Centre) at the University of Cambridge, where she is continuing her PhD research on The Last Elephant Catchers: (In)Visible Indigenous Heritage in Thailand. Imogen Coulson works as Project Researcher at Digital Benin, where she has established the conceptual, content and data driven processes for the project, collaborated on object research, and led the review process for all institutional data.

Kui Elephant Catchers and the Pakam Rope: From Thailand to Cambridge

In March 2023, a new object came into MAA's care – a เชือกปะกำ (Pakam rope). Alisa Santikarn and Imogen Coulson explore the journey that it took from Thailand to Cambridge, through an online exhibition.

Alisa Santikarn and Imogen Coulson

12 December 2023

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